Elizabeth Morrow Facials and Waxing
Eminence Organic skin care 
9550 NE Morgan rd.
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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Missed Appointments and late cancellations are a financial loss for me. 
Please allow 48 hours for me to fill a vacated appointment. Payment will be assumed with less than 24 hours notification of cancellation. Please stay home if you are ill. 
Thank you, Elizabeth Morrow

Menu of Skin Care Services
(Prices include facial waxing and gratuity)

Seasonal Harvest Facial  $85. 
Each season we create the freshest organic treatments. With seasonal cleansers, serums and masks we will focus on the changing needs of our skin. This is our "farm to face" facial. 

Eminence Organic European Facial  $85. 
A traditional European relaxation facial with the help of award winning and heavenly scented Eminence Organic skin care. This treatment has a deep focus on massage.

Ultrasonic Resurfacing Facial  $110.
Rid your skin of dry patches with the help of Ultrasonic vibrations. We will release dead dry skin leaving a fresh dewy complexion that lasts. 

Deep Clean Acne with High Frequency  $110.
The use of Ultrasonic resurfacing with the deep cleaning and rapid healing of the High Frequency will be a fresh start for severe acne. 

Ultrasonic Firming and Toning  $110. 
I thought about calling this the "High school reunion" facial as it can be a quick lift and firm for a special occasion. It can also be a regular part of your skin care treatments with a focus on keeping muscles stimulated and collagen plumped. 

                                                             Waxing services
                                              Brow wax $24.
                                                Lip wax $20. 
                                               Together $30. 
                                               Chin wax $20.
                                               Full Face $40. 


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