"Best of the Best"
Eminence Organic Skin Care products
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(prices include sales tax)
Cleansers & Tonique
Stone crop cleansing oil $56.
Stone crop gel wash  $42.
Stone crop fizzofoliant scrub  $52. 
Calm skin cleanser  $42.
Clear skin cleanser  $42.
Mangosteen resurfacing cleanser  $42.
Monoi Age Corrective exfoliating cleanser $42. 
Eucalyptus cleansing concentrate  $42.
Strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant scrub  $52.
Stone crop whip moisturizer  $67.
Linden Calendula treatment cream  $67.
Firm skin moisture with acai berry  $67.
Calm skin moisture with arnica montana  $67.
Clear skin moisture with probiotics  $67.
Coconut age repair moisture cream  $70.
Monoi age corrective night cream  $70.
Rosehip & Lemongrass repair balm  $80.
Rosehip & Lemongrass soothing hydrator  $52. 

Serums, Oils and Eye Creams
Bamboo firming fluid with natural retinol alternative  $67.
Neroli eye serum with natural retinol alternative  $67.
Lavender Age corrective night eye  $70.
Mangosteen Resurfacing Concentrate  $65.

Instant Ultra Lifts and Targeted Treatments
Hibiscus Ultra lift eye cream  $104.
Hibiscus Ultra lift neck cream  $100.
Hibiscus Instant line filler  $76. 

Mineral makeup & Sun protection
Tropical Vanilla sun protection spf 32  $70.
Lilikoi Mineral Defense (Hawaii approved) spf 33  $70. 
Lilikoi Light Defense face primer (Hawaii approved) spf 23 $67. 
Tinted moisturizer spf 16  $52.
Spf 30 powder wand in translucent  $65.

I carry my favorite Eminence product, if you don't see what you like,  I can easily special order yours. Product orders are made every other week and arrive in 3 days.  
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